Commitment Road to Success

We all start the year with goals to do better than the year before. We make resolutions, which, over time, become forgotten until the next new year arrives. What we need to do is commit ourselves. Instead of making a low-motivation change, what is needed in our lives is a strong change; a change that not only is going to help us here, but also in the life after this.

Blink 182 is one of my favorite bands, and it has shown me the importance of commitment in the music industry. Before they got to their current degree of fame, they made an important commitment to each other: to live the dream together and depend on one another for their success. To make that possible, they have to make a bunch of other commitments: writing successful marketable music, making the fans happy by making videos, concerts, giving backstage passes, and doing autograph sessions. They have to be willing to resolve personal problems with each other to stay together as a band, make time for the family, enjoying every second of their career whether it is good or bad, and support each other in difficult times. But, if for some reason they decide to fail to keep a commitment  everything goes to the ground; and if you know much about Blink 182 at one point they failed to keep their commitments to each other resulting in a temporary split. They still experienced success, but not as before; they realized that,and later got  back together, decided to keep all those commitments and to pursue success.

We can see that keeping commitments are for our own personal benefit and not something you are doing to benefit someone else whether it’s in the music industry or not.

Our Heavenly Father knows the importance of commitments. He  is always extending commitments to us. We have 10 commandments that if we choose to obey will bless us. We are asked to pray to him, and as we do we receive answers to our prayers. We have to commit ourselves to the fullest in everything; it can not be only 99%! It’s all or nothing; either we are willing to keep and live a commitment or we are not.

I know that as we keep commitments to ourselves, others, and most importantly with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ we will become better people.  That must be our main goal in this life to enjoy the life that awaits us in the presence of God.



It has been a year and 6 months since I left on my mission and one of the things I still remember is the day I entered the MTC (Missionary Training Center). As I was about to embark on this adventure, my brother David gave me a  necklace with a picture us on it that said “PARCEROS PANAS PA LAS QUE SEA” (partners friends for anything).

One thing  that  my brother David and I weren’t so good at was expressing our love in words, but in the instant as he gave me this necklace before leaving on my mission, he showed me how much he cared for me and how much he was going to miss me; that really impacted me, and as I’ve been away for these past 18 months every time I see the necklace with the picture, I just know I can always count on my brother.  My love for him has grown stronger just as the love for my family has also grown since I’ve been away from home.

Now my Brother is a missionary serving in Houston TX, and I didn’t have the chance to  give him a necklace before he went to the MTC or make him a sign that says he can count on me for anything. However, I do make sure to give him support through letters and small packages to let him know that Elder Murillo #1  is here, and that even though hundreds of miles separate us, he can count on me as much as I can count on him.

Just as my brother David and I are “PARCEROS PANAS PA LAS QUE SEA,” all of us have our Heavenly Father and our brother Jesus Christ  who are there for anything. No matter the distance they always want each of us to remember that they do love us, and sometimes the journey through this life is hard- just like it is to be away from home for 2 years in a mission. But remembering  that our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ are there for whatever we need really does make the difference and makes our lives happier because we know that we are not alone.

“Having a trial……. Don’t get a big head”

Life is full of challenges and trials, and when experiencing the difficult situations that we face in this life, we often ask ourselves questions like: Why me? Why do I have to go through this? Does God care for me, and if  he does why is this happening to me?

When I was a kid, I asked myself the same questions during the challenges I faced as a kid. Other kids would often make comments about how different I was, and would tease me about the size of my head. I often asked, “Why was I born with this medical condition?(hydrocephalus)? Why couldn’t I be normal and be accepted  just like a regular kid? Why I have to go through this?

As I asked myself this question, I felt sadness and a deep emptiness inside of me, which lead me to ask if my Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ really cared for me ?  On one occasion, while thinking about that specific question, I received  a clear and gentle answer that they really do care for me and that they knew about my situation. They knew my pain and my sadness, and were there to comfort me.

After receiving that answer I started thinking back, and I realize that since the beginning  my Heavenly Father and  Jesus Christ have been blessing me. As it turns out, 4 other k ids  that were born that shared my medical condition had surgery as well. Two died, One was handicapped, and the other was left in vegetative state; while I was the only one that didn’t have any problems. Even though I survived  the doctors told my parents that in my education I will be below the kids my age and that I would need a lot of care and support- which wasn’t that encouraging- but later on proved to be wrong.

Now I’m here 20 years later after that surgery, and couple of years have pass since I ask the question “Does my Heavenly Father and  his son Jesus Christ really care for me ?”  I still have that strong testimony that they do! That’s why I’m alive, and even though I’m different I never look at  my trials like a burden, but instead like a blessing.  How grateful I am for that trial, and the many others I’ll face, because they will help me be prepared to return to the presence of  my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and will strength my faith in them!

I know that in our hardest trials and afflictions we are not alone; We have our Father in heaven and our Savior to lift us up. They truly care for us and want us to be happy, so learn from me, and next time you’re facing a trial know that you can pray and receive the same answer that I did-that they love you.


I have a great appreciation for Rock music and one of my favorite things from it is the guitar solos in many of the songs I listen to, guitar solos are pretty amazing it requires a lot of hard work and practice. It is not an easy thing to do. A great example of this is Carlos Santana. His skills to play guitar and solos are awesome and crazy and I don’t think he just woke up one morning with them. I believe it was a really long process to get to the point where he is now and even at this point I think he make mistakes once in a while when he is playing a guitar solo.

The reason why I mention all of this is because here on earth, we are all playing our own guitar solo. As we are playing our solo’s we make mistakes and hit wrong notes; some of us frequently and some of us not as often. Every time we hit the wrong note we are getting farther away from getting the prize. Before coming to the earth our Father in heaven knew that our guitar solos, our lives, weren’t going to be 100% perfect. Also, he wants everyone to obtain the prize coming back to his presence and living with him for eternity. So he called our big brother Jesus and he asked him to come down to the earth to perform an eternal guitar solo known as the Atonement. When Jesus Christ came down he played a perfect guitar solo he hit all the right notes every single time and he even went through all of our guitar solos; playing them perfectly, in one single unique and eternal solo and fixed them to be perfect so when the time will come for each of us to play our solo’s and hit wrong notes we can fix our solo’s through Jesus Christ’s solo; known as the atonement.

I know that the Atonement of Jesus Christ can help us throughout our lives to get closer to our final prize which is to live again in the presence of our Heavenly Father. I know that any kind of bad stuff that affects us in this world can be make right through the Atonement. I know that even though we are not pro’s playing the guitar solo of our lives, that Jesus is and he is willing to help us if we are willing to let him.

Music: Never Gonna Be Alone

Around 21 or 22 years ago before I was even born I was in heaven with God and Jesus Christ and the rest of my heavenly family I had some good times there learning and waiting for my turn to come down to the earth one day my big brother Jesus Christ called me and told me to get ready to go down to Earth I was so exited for the news I got to the door of departure that takes you down to earth in no time at the door Jesus was waiting for me he told me what was gonna be happening he when through the plan of Happiness basically he finish preparing me, after this he gave me some bad news he said I wasn’t going to remember anything and that I would need to walk by faith I got pretty scare since I was planning on remembering all that had happen while I was there to be able to come back to heaven Jesus knowing me so good I believe he told me something along the lines of one of my favorite songs by Nickelback:

You’re never gonna be alone
From this moment on
If you ever feel like letting go
I won’t let you fall
You’re never gonna be alone
I’ll hold you until the hurt is gone

after hearing this encouraging words from my big brother Jesus Christ I felt really calm I step to through the door and around 9 months later I was born. through the years I had seen that the words that Jesus Christ told me before coming down are true that no matter if I feel alone or ready to give up he is there for me holding me and helping me through the trials that I go in life.
I know that is the same for each one us he is there always he suffer for us and die for us so we can be help by him just like Alma mentions in the Book of Mormon he suffered all of this: “that he may know according to the flesh how to succor his people according to their infirmities.”
Remember that in this life you can always count in Jesus Christ for whatever you need “You’re never gonna be alone.”

My Beautiful Mom

My beautiful mother has always shown the pure love of Christ ,which is charity, in her life. Through her love and care, I have seen how much my Heavenly Father and Christ have charity towards me.

Today I want to focus on three points of how her love for me has impacted my life and made me a better person.

First, I will start with the love that I have for my mom. I can’t described how much I care and love my mom. She is a great and special person to me; she has always been a great support all my life. She is my best friend and I’m thankful for my Heavenly Father for giving her to me- for sending me to be part of her family and for letting her be someone in my life that shows me what the true love of Christ is all about.

Second, I will talk about the love that comes from my mom.
Her love is not something that I can go and just find in a grocery store or around the corner her love doesn’t cost a million bucks but is priceless. Her love towards me is pretty much like the love Christ has for me and if not, then it is pretty close to it. She will do anything for me and for anyone else that is in need; her love is beyond measure.

Third, is loving like my mom.
The way my mom loves is the same way as my Savior loves everyone in this world so pretty much my mom’s love is enormous and I try my best to love like my mom has taught me. It is not and easy task. During my mission I think that my ability to love like my mom, has increased like crazy. I have been able to show more charity towards the people around me and learn that when I’m loving the people like my mom does I’m loving the people like Christ and that’s something that has made me happier .

These three points just talk a little on how my mom has helping me become better and how the love of Christ has bless my life through my mom’s example. I love my Beautiful mom and I hope that you love your’s as much as I love mine because when we have the pure love of Christ in our lives, life is so much better.

Love your mother and let her know how much you care for her every single day, not just Mother’s Day.

I want to let all of you who might read this blog that even though I’m serving a mission and I’m far from my mother that the love that I have for her is unmeasurable.

I just want to conclude by saying: “Mom even though you are far away, your life and example have made me become better every single day and in this special occasion I will like to say Happy Mother’s Day.

Music: Hope Travis Barker

After the talk given by Elder Steven E. Snow during priesthood session of general conference Travis Barker came to my mind, yeah I know many of you might be wondering: how can Elder Murillo connect this talk with Travis Barker? and is pretty simple he has a lot of tattoos in his body (personally I believe it’s not good because they are not going to look good when he gets wrinkly, just remember your body is a temple 🙂
I got off track there, but the point that I want to go with is one of his tattoos on his lower back says Hope. He is an amazing drummer and to achieved that success he needed to have hope that he was going to be able to play drums the way he does. It wasn’t just oh i will practice one day and then he is the best. He started as a little kid around 4 years old and if I’m right and now he is like 35! He still he shows hope as he keeps practicing and doing his best.
The same thing happens in the gospel, not necessary we are hoping to be a good drummer, but we are hoping to make it back to the presence of our Heavenly Father and how we do that? You might be asking yourself and it is simple. The same way Travis Barker got to the point of being an amazing drummer. It is through practice and effort on our part. We need to be practicing to be able to make it back to heaven. Elder Steven E. Snow said “Hope alone won’t make us succeed.” and he also mention “Hope can lead to dreams which can inspired us and leads us to action.” We need to keep the commandments and follow what Jesus Christ ask us to do. We need to put our effort in that dream. As we do our best,in the end we will be awarded for our efforts by having our personal place at the side of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father.
Remember our hopes are accomplish when we are doing something about it and who knows maybe you will be the next person that will inspired one of my blogs.