Commitment Road to Success

We all start the year with goals to do better than the year before. We make resolutions, which, over time, become forgotten until the next new year arrives. What we need to do is commit ourselves. Instead of making a low-motivation change, what is needed in our lives is a strong change; a change that not only is going to help us here, but also in the life after this.

Blink 182 is one of my favorite bands, and it has shown me the importance of commitment in the music industry. Before they got to their current degree of fame, they made an important commitment to each other: to live the dream together and depend on one another for their success. To make that possible, they have to make a bunch of other commitments: writing successful marketable music, making the fans happy by making videos, concerts, giving backstage passes, and doing autograph sessions. They have to be willing to resolve personal problems with each other to stay together as a band, make time for the family, enjoying every second of their career whether it is good or bad, and support each other in difficult times. But, if for some reason they decide to fail to keep a commitment  everything goes to the ground; and if you know much about Blink 182 at one point they failed to keep their commitments to each other resulting in a temporary split. They still experienced success, but not as before; they realized that,and later got  back together, decided to keep all those commitments and to pursue success.

We can see that keeping commitments are for our own personal benefit and not something you are doing to benefit someone else whether it’s in the music industry or not.

Our Heavenly Father knows the importance of commitments. He  is always extending commitments to us. We have 10 commandments that if we choose to obey will bless us. We are asked to pray to him, and as we do we receive answers to our prayers. We have to commit ourselves to the fullest in everything; it can not be only 99%! It’s all or nothing; either we are willing to keep and live a commitment or we are not.

I know that as we keep commitments to ourselves, others, and most importantly with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ we will become better people.  That must be our main goal in this life to enjoy the life that awaits us in the presence of God.


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